Simply Excellent Grass-fed Finished Beef Delivered to Your Door!

SomethingSpecial WI2

An important note to our customers: We are no longer offering our package orders of beef (ie mixed quarters and 50lb packs). We will have lean ground beef and summer sausage available (almost) all of the time and Tenderloin, Ribeye, and New York Strip steaks available some of the time.  Check out our prices at "Order our Beef."

Committed to Healthy Food and a Healthy Environment

Our natural, delicious grass-fed finished beef is from Angus and Jersey steers grown in the open air on excellent quality pasture. The steers are raised without added growth hormones, and they do not receive any type of antibiotic for a minimum of nine months prior to processing. Our beef is “aged” at 34° - 36° for about two weeks prior to packaging. This aging process, common a generation ago, enhances tenderness and allows the full beef flavor to develop. Our beef is lightly marbled and without excess fat.

  • Delicious, full-flavor “aged” beef
  • Lightly marbled, but without excess fat
  • No added growth hormones or antibiotics
  • NEVER fed animal by-products or waste
  • Raised in Wisconsin, with care for our environment
  • Reasonably priced

Enjoy it to your heart's delight!

Statement of Support:

We pledge to donate a portion of the proceeds from our natural beef sales to support childhood cancer research, natural resource stewardship, and citizen efforts to fight hunger in Wisconsin.